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Aquaforno Collapsible Stove

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What exactly is an Aquaforno?

A versatile, collapsible stove that works as a BBQ and oven at the same time, as well as providing hot water on tap.

The Aquaforno is modular so the three cooking sections can be used in isolation, as a pair or as a multi-tiered oven.

The clever ‘twist and lift' system allows all three elements to slide into one making the Aquaforno portable and quick to unpack and operate.

Designed and hand built in the UK.


The Lid

A secure lid necessary for cooking at high temperatures. A self-contained unit with detachable drying racks for tea towels, damp clothing and wet shoes.

The Top Oven

Effectively an outdoor oven for cooking anything you cook at home.The pizza stone is perfect for rustic tasting pizzas although your range of cooking choices is greatly increased allowing you to cater for many different tastes and occasions. From toast to slow roasted meats, quiches, bakes, casseroles and of course puddings!

The Grill/Smoker

Here you can barbecue your favourite meat, fish and vegetables but crucially its also where you add your wood chips when using the Aquaforno as a smoker.

The Fire Pit

Remove the upper two sections to this level and keep warm with an open fire whilst you enjoy your delicious meal. All you need is wood or charcoal to make the whole thing work just like any traditional bbq. The lower door has been designed to fit a standard instant lighting bag of charcoal for easy access.The air holes/door grill allow air flow for the fire and due to the sealed base there is no risk of burnt grass from hot ash. The legs give the unit stablity on uneven ground and the Aquaforno can even be table mounted for eyel level cooking. ( Please enusre the table is stable and there is no fire risk on the table surface.

The Kettle/Boiler

This is one of the most innovative aspects to the Aquaforno. Having a hot brew within minutes will be a new experience for Aquaforno owners - no electricity needed, no gas, just keep the fire going and have a cuppa whenever you fancy. The compact form of the kettle, held inside the firepit means no more kettles to worry about or hoping the wind will die down just to get boiling water. The unique design of the kettle ensures it's easy to clean and can be used for mulling wine or cider.


  • Packed: 29.5cm x 44.5cm
  • Upright: 99cm x 44.5cm


Packed for transport Fire pit with/without tap Heat-proof gloves
Lid with temp control Pizza stone Clothes and utensil racks
Water heater with tap Height adjustable legs Grill




Place your Price Promise Now, Order despatch within 3 – 5 weeks. All November orders guaranteed delivery before Christmas!

Why Buy From Us?

Hi, I'm Tim, proud inventor of the Aquaforno (that's me in the photo!)

This is an 'all British' product, being invented and distributed in the UK.

We also take great pride and pleasure in our after-sales service and support. Always happy to hear from customers and potential customers alike, so do get in touch!

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