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Are you just starting out with a caravan, trailer or motorhome or looking to improve your current skills? Then the Club’s Caravan and Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses are for you.

Both caravan and motorhome courses last one day and are run throughout the country from February to October.

The trainers are all qualified driving instructors. With a restriction of only twelve participants per course, giving a ratio of one Instructor to every four participants for caravan and one to three for motorhome you can be sure of individual attention.

All you need to participate in the course is a full drivers licence and a suitable towing vehicle for caravan courses, with electrics and towing mirrors, caravans are provided to complete the practical elements of the course. Members will be required to bring their own motorhomes for the Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses.

The fee is £105.00 for members . All participants receive a course certificate which will be sent to you after the course and, for the caravan course, a free copy of the handbook "Safe Towing for Life". Vouchers are provided with a minimum of 12 months until expiry so that your recipient has a whole year to make the most of them. 

Successful completion of the Club’s Caravan Manoeuvring Course is a prerequisite to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Towing Test. The course certificate provides proof of off-road skills, and allows the IAM test examiner to focus entirely on road skills.


Course Syllabus Outline - Caravan

Caravan Manoeuvring
  • Towing a Caravan
  • Caravanners and the Law
  • Loading a Caravan
  • Hitching and Unhitching
  • Reversing with Safety

Course Syllabus Outline - Motorhome                       

  • General principles affecting the larger vehicle
  • Driving exercises on and off road
  • Guidance on manoeuvring
  • Designed to increase knowledge and improve confidence with a larger vehicle


2014 Course Dates


DateCaravan Course VenuesMotorhome Course Venues
15 -16 February       Coventry, West Midlands  
8 - 9 March Coventry, West Midlands     
15 - 16 March Haywards Heath, West Sussex  
22 - 23 March Llanelwedd   
5 - 6 April Newark Showgrounds  
12 - 13 April   Coventry, West Midlands
19 - 20 April Edinburgh  
26 - 27 April Bude Club Site  
26 - 27 April Rufforth  
3 - 4 May Suffolk Showground  
10 - 11 May Coventry, West Midlands  
17 - 18 May Haywards Heath, West Sussex  
24 - 25 May Hartlepool  
31 - 1 June

Eastleigh, Hampshire

7 - 8 June Newark Showgrounds  
21 - 22 June Benfleet, Essex  
5 - 6 July Coventry, West Midlands  
19 - 20 July   Coventry, West Midlands
6 - 7 Sept Lancaster, Lancastershire  
13 - 14 Sept Newark Showgrounds  
20 - 21 Sept Coventry, West Midlands  
4 - 5 Oct Verwood Club Site  



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