Satellite Navigation

There are satellite navigation (sat nav) systems that are suitable for use with motorhomes and cars towing caravans as well as being able to be used in standard car mode. However, they do cost more than standard devices due to having considerably more data than standard products Drive with confidence, knowing you won't get stuck down narrow lanes or be forced to do an impossible U-turn again. Satellite navigation devices offer great peace-of-mind while travelling unknown territory!

You will also find a selection of devices that do not have the capability for navigating larger motorhomes or cars towing caravans but are perfectly suitable for cars but also have many features that are useful to campers.

Did you know?
Global coverage is achieved by a 'satellite constellation' of 20-30 Mid Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites. These satellites are constantly moving, and operate about 20,000 kilometres above the earth's surface.

For tips and further information about choosing the right sat nav device please see the Club's Top Tips here.