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Gigsak - A picnic blanket with a difference!

Gigsak has a fleece top with a double layer of waterproof backing that opens up like a giant bag.  It means:

You can sit on it like a normal picnic blanket

You can turn it inside out & 2 or 3 people can put their legs inside it if it turns cold

You can sit inside it to shelter from a rain shower

Size 130 x 170cm, folds up with carrying handle & shoulder strap

It's ideal for festivals, outdoor events, picnics, the beach & camping.

Manufactured in the UK too!

Featured Products

Gigsak with Daisy design

Funky daisy with burgundy waterproof backing.

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Gigsak with Plaid design

The original and classic Gigsak with black waterproof backing.

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Why Buy From Us?

Hi, I invented the Gigsak to help everyone enjoy their fun outdoor events whatever the weather.

I'm really pleased to be part of The Club marketplace, and for the positive feedback received about my invention!

I'm sure you'll find many uses for Gigsak, and will soon consider it a must-have item for your outdoor activities.

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