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Easy to use software and digital maps

Memory-Map's award winning intuitive and easy to use software lets you use full colour Ordnance Survey maps on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile or tablet and Adventurer GPS units. We also have aviation and marine charts and maps from around the world.

PLAN Routes

Simple tools let you create and manage routes, tracks and waypoints, check distances,elevation and areas, view hillprofiles, fly through 3D terrain and much more.

Digital Terrain™

Check the overall ascent and descent of your route with interactive hill profiles

Overlay Manager

Name, share and manage your waypoints, routes and tracks. Add photos, documents and information to your routes and share with friends by email or on Download 1000s of free walking cycling, 4x4 and other routes on to use with your Memory-Map software, GPS or mobile.


View maps in 3D3D World™

Preview terrain and routes with Memory-Map's unique 3D World feature. Fly-though simulations of your routes on 3D maps or aerial photos for a bird's eye view of the landscape.



Print to scale

Print any map at its fixed scale, another scale or as a full page print at the zoom level of your choice.

Multi-page maps

Customise printing with automatic paging for longer routes


Add detailed dext to maps - useful for creating routes, finding information and recording details of hazards or highlighting areas fo interest

Route Cards

Printe route cards showing waypoints, bearings, distance, and grid coordinates. Add your own notes and even photos.

Relief Shading

Print maps showing 3D terrain on an accurate 2D map to show hills and valleys making it easy to interpret contour lines



Copy maps to your mobile and send routes, tracks and waypoints to mobile or GPS.

Transfer your maps

Add the Memory-Map app from Apple AppStore or Google Play and then copy your maps from PC to your mobile or tablet.

Easy GPS Programming

Plan or download routes, tracks and waypoints. Transfer from your PC to your mobile, tablet or most popular GPS units.



Install the Memory-Map app, or connect a GPS to your laptop, for a complete navigation system with moving maps and DigitalGPS™ data displays.

GPS position on Ordnance Survey maps

With the Memory-Map app on your mobile or tablet it's easy to explore the footpaths and tracks around the site...or just find the quickest way to the nearest pub!

Follow route & record your tracklog

See your GPS position, heading, speed, bearing, distances, journey times and more whilst your GPS or mobile records your track as you go for you to download, share or review later.



With Memory-Map, it's easy to build a history of trips to keep and share with friends.

Review GPS tracks

Import tracklogs back your mobile or GPS on to a map to see where you've been and keep a record of your travels.

Trip Performance Monitor

Your Tracklog records time, speed, altitude and other features depending on your type of phone or GPS.


Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, movies and web links to any waypoint on the map.

Why Buy From Us?

Hi, all of us at Memory-Map are delighted to join The Camping and Caravanning Club community - our MD has been a member of the club for years so he's keeping a close eye on things!

We are passionate about mapping, and like to help our customers find out how they can use Ordnance Survey maps on PC, phone, tablet or GPS to get more from the outdoors.

If you need technical support then visit our website or contact us as we love hearing from our customers and how they use our products.

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