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It all started in 2011, when we were offered a Springer Spaniel puppy...

We picked him up in June 2011 and after approximately 10 minutes of getting him home to his new surroundings we knew we had a special pooch on our hands...

Having first created a website to celebrate Monty, the idea of setting up a pet supplies company to bring together all his favourite items came next. We now run Monty Blue as a team, consisting of Simon, Sarah, Monty, Cassie, Blue, Biggles and lots of fish...!

We strive to make sure you dont pay higher thank you should - please check our product prices and let us know how we are doing.


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I'm Monty, a Springer Spaniel with a great range of leads, collars, toys, bedding and plenty more things that I love to share!

Thankfully I have the support of two human owners (Sarah and Simon), who take care of sending out orders and generally running my business whilst I sniff out more fun and exciting items!

see you on my walks...

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