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Omnia Oven and Hardback recipe book


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The Omnia Oven - with Hardback Omnia Recipe Book

The Omnia Holiday Oven. Easy to use. No installation. Tried and tested on most conventional heat sources.

Three parts

The Omnia comprises three parts. An aluminium food holder for the dough or dish to cook in; it is shaped like a sponge cake tube mould. A treated-steel base plate with a centre hole and an aluminium lid with ventilation holes that is designed to give cakes and breads the space to rise. 

Top and bottom heat

Convection currents created by heat from the hob give top and bottom heat. An air lock between the base plate and the food holder creates the bottom heat and the central cone-shaped hole funnels hot air over the top of the food holder to give top heat.

Hardback Book

We are including a free hardback copy of the Omnia Cookbook at no extra charge. The book is very high quality and retails at £9.99.